Hostinger Overview


Hostinger Overview

To keep it brief,  here’s the summary of hostinger’s offerings— some stats/figures that will put Hostinger straight into your favorite considerations list.

Our ratings

A+ | 5/5

Average response time

~180 ms

Avg. response times in top-targeted countries

US: under 60 ms | India: 212 ms




24/7 live chat

Site transfer


Introductory Pricing

Starts at ₹79/month

Top features

SSD storage, Unmetered bandwidth, Support, Litespeed Cache

Hostinger review

9 reasons why Hostinger is the best cheap hosting

1.It’s super affordable

One of the basic requirements to be considered for a “low-cost” anything is affordable pricing; with Hostinger, that’s a big check.

Technically, you can purchase their Shared hosting and Managed Wordpress plan for under a dollar per month, but that’ll be the case if you are buying on a 48-month tenure. That’s Hostinger’s business tactic, of course. However, incredible value for you if you are going to need a low-performance hosting for the next four years. 

Their Business plans and Premium plans are also super affordable. They cost about the same as other best hosting’s basic ones.

Apart from the shared and managed plans, and this doesn’t get talked about much, Hostinger’s VPS and Cloud plans are also dirt cheap— something to look into if you need high-performance and flexibility.

All in all, Hostinger is inexpensive, and that’s their USP.

2.Fast server response time

Fast server response time

Hostinger is not a “low-cost web hosting,” but it’s the “best cheap hosting”, and to qualify for the “best” part, it needs to perform better than any other option in the price range. And it surely does.

In hosting terms, server response time is a key element to determine a hosting service’s quality. It is the amount of time it takes for a web server to respond to a request from a browser.

Google recommends having the server response time under 200 ms⁠— people start noticing a lag if it crosses about 250 ms.

In our tests, Hostinger managed to have a server response time well under recommended.

Worldwide, the average server response time of Hostinger hosted sites was approx. 180 ms. In the US, it was about 60 ms.

These are some impressive numbers for any hosting provider, let alone this super-affordable one.

3. Fast in general

Speed equals revenue.

As we’ve already mentioned & explained, website speed is crucial, and hosting plays a significant role in it.

Here are a few page speed stats to understand the cruciality of those milliseconds:

  • Sites that load in five seconds (compared to those that load in 19) see 70% longer average sessions [Source]
  • A 100-millisecond delay in website load time can hurt conversion rates by 7 percent. [Report]
  • Same report suggests: A two-second delay in web page load time increase bounce rates by 103 percent.

In short, speed is a priority consideration. And Hostinger has considered it as much as any other provider in the business. Therefore, they have gone with the best Hardware and Software combination.

On the hardware side of things, Hostinger uses SSD storage, which is clearly faster than traditional HDD. However, this isn’t a big surprise for anyone given most top of the line hosting companies use SSD.

Where it wins is on the software side. Hostinger uses Litespeed Web Server, a proprietary web server software. When benchmarked against the more popular Apache and Nginx servers, Litespeed was up to 12x faster. 

The reason most web hosting companies stick to Apache or Nginx is that they are open source and free, whereas Litespeed is privately owned and it costs. Ironic how a “low cost” hosting brings the best, paid technology for the customers, and the high charging ones don’t.


Anyway, Litespeed is one of the reasons we highly recommend Hostinger to anyone building a Wordpress site.

Another reason for Hostinger’s high-speed is its multi-level caching solution. Combined with the default Litespeed caching on Wordpress sites, it makes for some super-speeds.

4. Multiple Datacenters

Multiple Datacenters

Talking about speed, Datacenter location affects the data delivery speed. The reason? Worldwide connectivity isn’t wireless like many individuals believe. Everything is connected with huge optic cables through sea and land.

For e.g., If your site’s data is saved in a US datacenter and someone from India accesses your website, they will have to wait until the web browser contacts the physical data location 13,000 Km away and brings back the data. Sure, it’s a couple hundred milliseconds only but a delay nonetheless.

Having multiple data centers in different locations is one way to solve this problem.

Hostinger has seven global data centers, one each in the UK, US, Brazil, Singapore, Netherlands, Indonesia, and Lituania. Because of multi-continent server locations, the latency will be minimal.

All you need to do is choose the data center nearest to your target audience to reap the benefits.

5. Optimized for Wordpress

With more than 60% of market share, Wordpress is by far the most popular CMS in the world. Also, Wordpress powers one-third of the websites on the internet.

People at Hostinger know this as much as anyone. Therefore, they have made a few performance tweaks to optimize Wordpress-based sites better.

As we already discussed, they implement Litespeed cache by default on all their Wordpress accounts. This helps the end-user access the frequently-called pages quicker. Moreover, the implementation of HTTP/2, PHP 7.4, and NGINX makes for outstanding performance.

Overall, when it comes to loading speeds for Wordpress sites, Hostinger is a beast.

6.Amazing Uptime

You might be thinking, ‘If they are giving quality Hardware and Software experience at such economical prices, their Uptime must be terrible because they must be saving on computer resources.’

The fact? Their Uptime is terrific! Apart from a few minutes of downtime twice in our whole testing period, their uptime has been as good as the best ones. 

Hostinger guarantees a 99.9% uptime, and it does keep the promise.

However, it’s agreement is a bit harsh. You can request a credit of 5% of the monthly hosting fee for the month they can’t keep the promise. This 5% also has some terms & conditions.

Nevertheless, we didn’t need to claim our credit or contact the Hostinger regarding downtimes because their uptime record has been fantastic.  And quite possibly you won’t have any troubles too.

7.Good customer support

As far as technical support goes, Hostinger provides a 24/7/365 live chat. Plus, you can raise a ticket or send an email as well. Apart from these three options, you can check their knowledge base too.

Talking about the quality of Hostinger support, it’s phenomenal. Their support agents are well-versed with the technical aspects of hosting. Moreover, it’s a multilingual support team, so if you are not comfortable with English, chances are you can talk with them in your native language too.


In our experience with the live chat, we didn’t need to wait for more than a couple of minutes to chat with a real person. (However, our interactions were during the low request times; If you want to be prioritized when numerous people are contacting them, you can purchase the “Priority support” add on while purchasing your hosting plan.) 

They were friendly, helpful, and valued our time. And, of course, our problems were resolved.  

All in all, it’s a commendable support team.

8. Sleek control panel

User-Friendly Control Panel

Depending on how you look at it, their control panel can be a positive point or a negative one. 

Hostinger, unlike most hosting providers, doesn’t utilize cpanel’s services. Instead, they have their own control panel, hpanel. And honestly, we love it!

Talking about the interface, Hostinger’s control panel is sleek and minimal. From a UI/UX standpoint, without a doubt, a 10/10. 

From a functionality point, too, it’s on par with cpanel. You can manage Emails, Databases, Domains, IP, etc. quickly. Moreover, you can do cron jobs, have SSH access, install SSL, import website, and do much more.

Overall, their control panel is one of the reasons to opt for Hostinger.

9. Money-back guarantee

Till now, we discussed some significant reasons to choose Hostinger. But this trumps them all if you are still skeptical about Hostinger: You get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Meaning, you can try them and test them as per your needs and claim back your money if you don’t like them. A win-win deal, indeed.

In this sense, we rather insist on trying out Hostinger

P.S. We advise reading their refund policy.


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